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Intelligence is the new trend and the edge of the network is
where it needs to happen.

We already can see the high demand in faster networks and
decentralized infrastructure to respond to the growing needs
for IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

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We’ve Entered the Era of Edge Intelligence

While cloud computing has been hailed as the ultimate IT solution for enterprises over the past decade, it is evident that it can no longer respond to the needs of the new-generation business. We’ve entered the era of the Internet of Things as data intelligence is driving a new approach.

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Edge Computing & the Internet of Things:

How and Why Cloud Computing Is Becoming Less Relevant

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Missing the Edge Computing Trend Is Missing the Future

50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020 (Cisco)


The overgrowing number of connected devices and related solutions is here to remind us of the urgency for every business to adapt to the distributed systems era.

5.6 billion IoT devices will utilize edge computing in 2020

(Business Insider)

While Big Data analytics can afford data to be sent to centralized cloud servers for later processing, time-sensitive applications that need immediate treatment cannot.

50% of developers are lacking the necessary technology to deliver on IoT expectations


Developers are looking for infrastructure and platform solutions to quickly close the gap in delivering applications that are ready to use for the edge computing scenario.

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Learn More About Edge Computing

Every actor of the information technology landscape needs to know about edge computing and its use cases. Here are a few articles that will help you catch up on the topic.

Ormuco Stack in the Edge Computing Landscape

Ormuco Stack will help you expand your business opportunities and prepare for a future that serves rapid-response edge computing.

Automated IoT Gateway & Cloudlet Deployment

Serverless Infrastructure Approach

Ready for 5G Networks & Mobile Assets


Seamless Authentication Management

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What Is Edge Computing and Why You Should Care About It

Bringing Computing to the Edge: What Is Fog Computing?

Blockchain and IoT: Computing  and Decentralization

Edge Computing Responds to the Application Real-Time Needs

In the list the challenges the edge computing is solving, data privacy and network latency rank at the top. Watch this short video to understand why.

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