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Did you know 72% of organizations that use OpenStack are running obsolete versions of the platform? This striking data sheds a light on the struggle many enterprise IT departments have with keeping their infrastructures up to date.  

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OpenStack Is Thriving through Cloud Deployments

The OpenStack User Survey 2018 confirms the platform is trusted for cloud deployments of all sorts. We’re proud to have it at the core of the Ormuco Stack intelligent software for your cloud and edge deployments.  

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OpenStack User Survey 2018 Highlights by Ormuco

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Why Is OpenStack the Number 1 Choice

There are good reasons to choose a deployment with OpenStack at the core.

Increase Operational Efficiency


Accelerate Ability to Innovate


Avoid Vendor Lock-in


Save  Money


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What Is OpenStack

The Top 6 Benefits of Open Source Virtualization

Why Ormuco Stack Is Your Best Cloud Management Software

OpenStack Makes a Rock-Solid Foundation for Modern Infrastructure

At Ormuco, we’ve chosen to trust OpenStack from the beginning. Here’s what we believe makes its success.

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Ormuco Stack is built on the OpenStack software architecture. Have you been wondering about what OpenStack is, and what it does? In this article, we’ll discuss open source...

Virtualization is key in today’s modern IT infrastructures. From “bare metal” virtualization, to VMs and containers, virtual workloads are at the core of many different IT...

Are you an IT decision-maker in the market for a new, modern cloud management software stack? Built on the well-regarded, open source OpenStack platform, our software uses its...

OpenStack Keeps Expanding Its Footprint

“I believe in the power and opportunities OpenStack provides to me. In my opinion it is important to have an internal alternative and/or addition to public cloud providers.”
Thomas Lunkwitz - METRONOM GmbH

On-Premises Private Cloud


“OpenStack is very flexible and helps us to fulfill requirements from multiple use cases within the company. It is very stable and provides a great community that is always willing to support you [...].”
Edgar Magana - Workday

“OpenStack is—more than ever—a rich ecosystem of complementary services which together empower you to manage your datacenter in a highly flexible and efficient way.”
James Penick - Oath

Public Cloud

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