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In an era where IT is at the core of every business activity, an agile, scalable and performant environment is what makes the enterprise successful. 

With this in mind, Ormuco has developed a software solution that amplifies the benefits of cloud technologies and extends them to edge computing. 

Powered with AI and machine learning capabilities, Ormuco Stack opens new market opportunities for businesses, enabling and simplifying deployment of workloads ‘at the edge’ of the network. 

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Ormuco Recognized by Top Business Software Directory, Finances Online

In August 2018, FinancesOnline’s experts analyzed the various benefits that Ormuco Stack features bring to businesses and how the solution stands out on the market. 

Not only the results were positive, but also the review team found Ormuco fitting to win their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Flexible Cloud Management

Our software will let you and manage run your public, private and hybrid clouds, with no geographical restriction. Orchestration is included, so you’re free from stressful, time-consuming tasks.

Ready for the Edge Era

With real edge computing components that offers automated installation, updates, automation and granular billing, you’re good to go for the future of IT. Get your foot into the intelligent edge era and build sustainability!

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Boosting Cloud Performance, Pioneering Edge Computing

With our unique platform, every company is ready to deliver top-notch services, whether for corporate or business needs.

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Great for Development Companies

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Why More Enterprises Trust Ormuco’s Software for Their Cloud & Edge Workloads

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More about the award

DevOps Should Be Easy

Many development companies are juggling between different public providers to get their infrastructure, platform or software services.

All-in-One Always Wins

With Ormuco Stack, they get a development platform that includes popular technologies like Kubernetes, Jira, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, etc.

Make Apps That Rock

Ormuco Stack makes it easy to integrate more features in your applications, thanks to tons of API endpoints available through OpenStack.