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Cellular networks have become so popular that they are now carrying totally different workloads. The Internet of Things craves for ever more processing capabilities and connection speed. Big Data is now driving the demand and engineers are busy building solutions to respond. Obviously, the intelligent edge is in need of speed. 5G is the latest in a long line of wireless mobile standards. It intends to close the gap on network latency issues that are currently holding the blossoming of edge computing applications back.

Is 5G Going to Be Available Soon?

An early demonstration of 5G happened during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang where KT, Samsung and Intel deployed 5G SIG to deliver high-speed wireless broadband and low-latency live video streaming. Samsung recently released its first 5G phones. 5G is closer than you think! 

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Are You Getting Ready for 5G?

Is your enterprise cloud ready enough for distributed computing? The enterprise infrastructure is sprawling to integrate intelligent devices running applications and processing data at the edge. You need to get ready for the next generation of computing.

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The State of 5G: What to Expect from the New Generation of ICT